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This is My Downtown- Kreative Khaos

Growing up in the tattoo and piercing industry did more than spark an interest for Erin McCabe-Ferlatte. It led her to a career where she can explore her passion every single day at Kreative Khaos Inc Tattooing and Body Piercing.
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Watching her father, Dave McCabe hone his passion for tattooing, Erin was inspired to start her piercing career in 2001. She completed an apprenticeship at his studio, Kreative Khaos and was thrilled to learn alongside her father in a place that was familiar and meaningful. The studio also has a positive reputation and holds a loyal customer base that is constantly increasing.
Having access to a variety of talented tattoo artists and piercers has helped her learn and discover her own style. Erin is educated on all piercings from head to toe, including dermal and genital piercings. One of her favourite moments is watching the excitement people get when they first catch a glimpse in the mirror of a new piercing or say “that didn’t hurt that bad”.
For over 30 years, Kreative Khaos has been a staple in downtown Brantford, since it began as a one-man, tattoo only studio called “Tattoo U.” As Dave outgrew that name, it evolved into Kreative Khaos that offers tattoo and piercings. The opportunity to move out of the core has arisen on occasion, but the decision to remain #DowntownBrantford has been an easy one.
“Downtown is home and we love it, no matter what the stigma. It is honestly not as bad as people make it out to be. People are very friendly.”
For anyone considering a tattoo or piercing at Kreative Khaos, Erin promises a comfortable environment, excellent aftercare plans, and accessibility for any questions or concerns.
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