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This is My Downtown- Modo Yoga Brantford

Markus Schneider of Modo Yoga Brantford is featured this month and the full article is also available in BScene online or read it below ??

Also be sure to give their Facebook page a Like as they are offering pay-what-you-can online classes during this time to help us all both mentally and physically!

Thanks for the kindness Modo Yoga!

All it took was one yoga and mindfulness class to awaken the pursuit of well-being for Markus Schneider.

Leaving the class feeling exceptional, he was determined to continue his yogic journey and share the practice with anyone who would listen. He is currently the Studio Director at Modo Yoga, where each day he welcomes individuals from all lifestyles to improve their physical and mental well-being.

“The motivation behind the work we do at Modo Yoga is to improve the human experience through self-awareness. This is grounded in understanding ourselves and our needs to effectively deal with a wide range of mental states,” said Markus.

At Modo Yoga, the essential service offered in the community is education and guided instruction around coping with and managing stress. Given how quickly the world evolves, Markus says people have drastically increased the stimulus in their bodies that provokes the stress response in the body, leading to mental and physical health issues. By teaching students how to shift towards a relaxation response in difficult times, they can drastically improve their overall well-being.

Through a number of community initiatives, Markus and others at the studio have extended their reach to inspire positive social change in Brantford, especially around the sentiment toward downtown. In addition to regular classes, these include free weekly mindfulness classes and weekly donation-based karma classes where you can participate for a donation. Karma classes have raised over $10,000 in support of local charities and projects.

“We exist as a community to make the world a better place. Brantford has so much to offer, and if something is missing for you, then that is your call to create something special. Modo Yoga is the result of recognizing a void in our community and doing something about it.”

Above all else, Markus hopes that anyone looking to reduce mental and physical suffering sees Modo Yoga as a centre for peace that will contribute to the health and vibrancy of Brantford.