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We are your only full time experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Brantford

Begin your financial recovery with a Brantford Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

What we do:

- committed to providing tailored solutions to your personal financial situation

- have built a reputation by working with people in a compassionate & caring manner

- offer support, understanding and financial relief

J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. is Brantford’s only full-time Licensed Insolvency Trustee for both individuals and businesses. We draw on our decades of experience to find personalized solutions that will guide you through this difficult time. Don’t let your credit problems destroy your life.

Let us help protect your home, your family and your dignity.

Our office has qualified Credit Counsellors and staff members who have been certified in Insolvency Administration.

J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. has the expertise and resources required to act as a Court-Appointed Receiver in matters involving large scale investment fraud. J.P. Graci & Associates Ltd. has a wide network of forensic accounting and investigation experts.

Declaring bankruptcy is not always the answer. We are pleased to assist you with: Consumer Proposals; Personal Bankruptcy; Corporate Proposals and Bankruptcy; Corporate Restructuring; and Receivership.

J. P. Graci and Associates Ltd. - Licensed Insolvency Trustee