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Your Downtown


With over 1500 public parking spaces in the downtown core, you can always find a spot within a five minute walk of the best restaurants, culture, entertainment and postsecondary institutions in Downtown Brantford.


Since Laurier opened its doors with 39 students in 1999, Downtown Brantford has seen a steady period of revitalization. The campus itself has grown immensely, with the student population increasing each year. The partnership between the City of Brantford and Wilfred Laurier University being so successful, many other schools have chosen Downtown Brantford to locate some of their programs. LAURIER BRANTFORD Laurier Brantford has seen rapid growth in Downtown Brantford. The physical development that has sustained the growth of the campus has been achieved in partnership with the City of Brantford. Laurier has received a high amount of community support due to the urban renewal surrounding the post-secondary education institution. The campus has embraced their role in downtown renewal and continue to play a key role in helping transform the downtown core into a vibrant center known for educational, historical, and cultural attractions.