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This is My Downtown- Crazy Bills

Twenty years ago, husband and wife Anne-Marie and Bill decided to open a convenience store in downtown Brantford, to which many of their friends and family responded with, “Are you crazy, Bill?”

However, that did not stop them.

Crazy Bill’s on Dalhousie Street has since become a reputable source for items you expect at a convenience store – snacks, newspapers, canned goods, and other essential items. In the back section, you can find a wide selection of cannabis paraphernalia. They have grown the business to locations in Hamilton, Burlington, and Kitchener.

Having previously owned a local restaurant and arcade 35 years ago, Anne-Marie has seen downtown undergo many changes. From a thriving area to shops going out of business and being boarded up, to what it is today.

One thing, however, has remained consistent. “There is a small community feel that you don’t get in the big cities. People are amazing here and it’s getting better each day,” said Anne-Marie.

In the meantime, Anne-Marie and the Crazy Bill’s family is doing all they can to support their local community. They regularly support community events and donate to numerous charities.

Each year they clear the food products from their shelves and donate to the local food bank.

Regardless of what city the family owns a shop in, their doors are always open and they will help when, and where they can.