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Source For Sports® is a national buying group with over 150 stores across Canada. The buying group originated in the late 1960’s with a handful of sporting goods stores in southwestern Ontario who believed that 2 independent retailers could buy better than one and pass the value on to their customers.

Today Source For Sports® is a national brand made up of independently owned and operated stores across the country who still live by the same philosophy – that a group of independents can purchase products at a better price than a single retailer and pass that value on to their customers. We aren’t a franchise, corporation or a big box store. Each store across Canada is as unique as the community it serves. No two stores are alike and each one sells different sport categories and products based on the needs of the local community.

No one knows the local sports scene better than the Source For Sports® store owner. Most grew up in their local community and many are second generation owners in the family business who coach teams, play sports, and sponsor local teams and associations.  Most of our stores have a very long history with many being considered amongst the longest serving sporting goods stores in Canada.

The owners and staff at your local Source For Sports® are athletes just like you. Our partnerships with the top manufacturers allow us to actually test many of their products on the ice or the field before bringing them into our stores. We know our stuff® isn’t just a tag line at Source For Sports®, it’s who we are. We play the game and we understand how proper fit and the gear we sell will elevate your comfort, safety, performance and enjoyment of the sport you play.

Because each locally owned store is part of Canada’s largest buying group, we offer big box selection and prices along with the fit, knowledge and service you will only get at your local independent specialist.

If your local Source For Sports® store doesn’t sell the product you’re looking for keep checking  Over time we will offer a wide range of products online that may not be found at your local store.

From beginner to pro, Source For Sports® will put you in the right gear for your game, at the right price.

College Source for Sports