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This is My Downtown- Burrito Brothers

For Mihir Doshi, his love affair with burrito boxes, enchiladas, and corn tacos began over ten years ago when he came across Mexican cuisine in India. It did not take long before the numerous combinations of foods packed together in box or burrito became his daily meal. ?

Fast forward to 2019, a few years after Mihir moved to Canada, he decided to take over Burrito Brothers in Brantford! Serving up a vast menu of Mexican delights, the Dalhousie Street restaurant has become one of the top places to eat in Brantford. Everything is made from scratch in-house, including sauces, salsa, and every single seasoning to guarantee the freshest flavours whether you are ordering a burrito, nachos, tacos, or any gourmet food.

“We are happy to serve the residents and visitors of Brantford and surrounding area with fresh, Mexican food. I like being able to bring different flavours to the menu and I get to share this experience with the local community,” said Mihir.

An avid supporter of downtown, Mihir knows first-hand how well businesses have been doing. He is hopeful the community continues to see the great things happening in downtown. He often enjoys shows at The Sanderson Centre, events in Harmony Square, and frequently takes in views of the Grand River, just a two-minute walk from the restaurant.

“I am eager to see all businesses doing great in downtown, especially because more people are choosing to stay local for work or to study.”

Above all, he is thankful for the way the community rallied together in support of each other during the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year. For example, the Downtown BIA ramped up social media marketing and other local promotions to encourage patronage of local business, and many local businesses took part by promoting each other.

“We helped out with other businesses to support the Food Bank, issued gift cards to support programs, and took part in other community programs. The community kept supporting us.”

Mihir attributes the ongoing success of Burrito Brothers to his hardworking staff and continuous support and mentoring from his co-partner Mr. Vinod Soni.

He is hopeful that one day soon he will be able to expand Burrito Brothers to multiple locations in Brant County, so he can continue sharing his positive experience with everyone.

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