October in Downtown Brantford!

October 20th, 2019

Downtown Brantford is the place to be this October! All the restaurant and shop owners

are eager to meet you and serve you! There is always something new to discover in

Downtown Brantford, and this month is loaded with exciting things to see and do.

The Sanderson Centre and Lansdowne Children’s Centre Presents Elton Rohn! Elton

Rohn is thrilling audiences everywhere! With a full 11 piece band, string section and

grand piano, Ron Camilleri’s ability to transform into Elton John is absolutely uncanny.

Audiences are amazed! Elton Rohn has headlined hundreds of shows and major

festivals across North America, and most notably Las Vegas, where they were the only

Elton John tribute asked to perform the Elton John convention!

Also this month you can catch Brace Yourself - Community Season Opener. Brantford's

own Debra Brown has assembled a stellar celebration in two acts - a fun-filled cocktail

of circus, dance and live music to celebrate this special anniversary. Her show features

members of Zacada Circus and Jordan Muir, world hacky sack champion, plus fabulous

Cirque Du Soleil alumni, including Dominic Dagenais, the world's only trampoline

flipping guitarist, and contortionist Lisbeth Mikoleit. Musicians Brent Titcomb, Jennifer

Langton, Grindl Kuchirka, Pierre Laurendeau will be on hand to enliven the evening.

Even now, more special guests are coming on board to enhance this special event. In

addition, accomplished local dancers and musicians will join us onstage in style to

celebrate the past 100 years. And as if this wasn't enough, Debra is also importing her

flying dance experience from her world premiere Brace Yourself , a one-way ticket to a

suspended reality with Captain Sterling and his crew, where gravity is a game and the

passengers are willing players. You'll never look at flying the’s a trip of a

lifetime, bring a sandwich.

Not to be missed at Sanderson Centre are Classic Albums Live Performs Led Zeppelin

IV, Stories and Songs Of Stompin’ Tom, Barbershop Convention, Brantford Music Club

Presents Piano Six, and Red Green This Could Be It Tour!!

At the end of the month Sanderson Centre presents Live Is All You Need Presents

ONES - The Beatles #1 Hits! Cashbox Canada calls ONES, “Canada’s most exciting

Beatles show!” Widely acclaimed and back by popular demand, ONES returns to the

Sanderson for one night only! Eleven world class musicians perform every hit song by

the Beatles “note perfect”. Captivating screen landscapes keep audiences spellbound.

The stories behind the number one songs told like never before in brilliant short

narrations. Rare filmstrips and photos. Don’t miss the “must see” Beatles show that is

filling theatres in Canada and the USA.

We suggest you make Downtown Brantford your destination and visit everything it has

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